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Mrs. Ankney
Ligonier Valley Middle School
6th Grade
   Welcome to 6th grade at the Ligonier Valley Middle School.  6th grade is a year of transition.  Students are coming from an elementary setting to a middle school environment.  For many students, that is very exciting, although scary at the same time.  Fearing the unknown, students worry that middle school will be difficult.  The level of transition difficulty depends upon the student.  If students work hard and focus on their school work, these years may be the best yet!  Students are expected to become more independent during this school year.  This does not mean that parents shouldn't stay involved.  In order to achieve success, everyone must work together-students, parents and teachers.  
      This year of transition includes a lot of change.  After entering a 'new' building (one that is new to them), students encounter different classes and routines than they had last year.  One of the most exciting changes is meeting new friends!  Many students in the past have listed 'meeting new people' as their favorite thing about LVMS.  The two elementary schools come together to form the middle school.  Students change classes every period (no longer do they stay just with their homeroom) so they get to meet a lot of other students.  This is the chance for forming new friendships.
     As I mentioned before, it is crucial for parents to stay involved.  This involvement may look different than it did in elementary school.  Parents should no longer have to 'check backpacks' for homework and other essential information.  Students should be encouraged to complete homework independently and provide essential information to the parents.  This may require a change in your family routine.  Establish a routine that woks for your family.  It may mean taking 5-10 minutes when students get home from school to discuss any homework or important information.  It may mean creating a checklist on the refrigerator that includes homework & essential information.  Whatever the routine, the most important part is that it works for your family!  Everyone's schedules are different, so there is no one perfect plan.  
     Establishing a routine will help ensure success.  Many students transition quickly and easily to the middle school.  Others require a little more guidance.  We try to allow the students to be as independent as possible.  For many parents, it is difficult to let their children be independent.  If you feel like your child is struggling with organization, homework, academics or socialization, please notify his/her teacher.  Remember, it is not that we don't want to help; it is often that we are not aware of the situation or that help is needed.  I can be reached anytime by email.  The best time to reach me by phone is 9:30-10:15.  (Please note that if you leave a voicemail and do not hear back from me within 2 days, call again.)