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NAME: Randy Byers                        

SCHOOL: Ligonier Valley High School

CLASSES: Algebra II and Introduction to Statistics

SCHOOL PHONE: 724-238-9531


About The Teacher

I have been teaching at the Ligonier Valley High School since 1988. In my spare time I enjoy playing/watching sports.


Course Descriptions

Algebra II: 
Algebra II is intended for the academic student interested in mathematics and the sciences. It includes a review of skills from Algebra I and all of the essential topics for a second year course. The emphasis is in studying various functions and relating those functions to real world applications. The various functions include: linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, rational, irrational, variation, and inverse. Algebra II is recommended to students who have successfully completed Algebra I with at least a "C" average.
Introduction to Statistics: 

This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts and processes used in statistical analysis of data. The students will have an understanding of a variety of probability distributions and will be able to use them as mathematical models in problem solving situations. Students have the option to receive college credit through the College in High School Program through the University of Pittsburgh, or from Highlands Community College.
It is highly recommended that each student purchase a TI84+ calculator to enter and process data.

Contacting me:
Please contact me by calling 724-238-9531 or by emailing me at


Last Modified on April 28, 2004