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Let's Get Together:  
This begins with a sharing time called "Let's Talk".  The children will pass around "the speaking stone" and take turns talking about what is important to them.  This builds a feeling of community in the class. 
The children are engaged in age-appropriate non-fiction writing activities.  They will also practice their sight word spelling list.
During this time, the children will begin the emergent writing process  and will be encouraged to write and draw about a variety of their own topics throughout the year.  The students will start with simple sentences and will progress through the writing process as the year goes on.
Let's Think About It: 
At the end of our day  we reflect about all that we've done.  This reinforces skills and concepts that the children have learned during the day. 
Social Science:  Students will be learning about various animals that are found in our state.  Our Science curriculum is based on the Pennsylvania State Standards. 
Guided Reading:  Students will participate in guided reading everyday.  This involves small group reading instruction and center time activities that are directly related to our phonics and reading program.
Everyday Math
Over the course of the school year, the children will do many hands-on activities related to a range of mathematical topics including:    
   *Data collecting
The classroom routines will consist of keeping track of the days of school, helping with attendance, and observing and graphing weather and temperature that will give the children real-life opportunities to develop and refine mathematics skills and become "math thinkers."  Throughout the year you will receive "Home Links" which suggest ways to help your child by doing mathematics activities at home.
Large motor skills and fresh air are an important part of young children's development.  We will be going outside everyday weather permitting, (above 32 and no precipitation). Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. 
Special Classes
The children will be participating  in  music, library, art, and gym throughout the year. Art will also be integrated in the classroom through our themes and learning labs.  We have also integrated in a kindergarten science curriculum which will focus on the animals found in Pennsylvania, plants, insects and the water cycle.
Reading Skills
  • ·        Prints first and last name

    ·        Knows the order of the alphabet

    ·        Identifies all 26 upper and lowercase letters and their sounds

    ·        Writes all 26 upper and lowercase letters with proper form

    ·        Identifies sounds in words (Break-It-Down)

    ·        Identifies rhyming words

    ·        Draws a picture and uses sounds in their writing

    ·        Knows directionality of print

    ·        Decodes words (Say-It-Fast)

    ·        Knows story elements

    ·        Identifies basic colors and color words

    ·        Reads the 37 sight words Math Skills

  • Knows the days of the week in order
  • Knows the months of the year in order
  • Identifies and writes numerals zero to 20
  • Counts groups of objects to 20
  • Counts to 100
  • Counts by 5's to 50 and by 10's to 100
  • Makes and interprets a simple graph
  • Identifies basic shapes
  • Makes and constructs simple patterns

Social and Personal Development


·        Listens while others speak

·        Sits quietly without disturbing others

·        Demonstrates adequate attention span (for 10-15 minutes)

·        Behaves appropriately in a variety of school settings

·        Follows school rules

·        Contributes to discussion

·        Participates in classroom activities

·        Listens to and follows directions

·        Works independently

·        Completes work on time

·        Manipulates crayons, scissors, and pencils correctly

·        Works neatly

·        Follows routine

·        Shows responsibility for their belongings

·        Shares and gets along with others

·        Dresses independently (buttons, zips and ties shoes)



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